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    Over the past week, on an engagement with 3 other guys from the team, I realized again, that I am a part of the best team. I got a call from my wife that she was taking our daughter to the ER, due to her having trouble breathing and a cough that was like no other. As soon as I had told the members of our team about it, the initial question that was said was ‘Do you need to get home, if you do, no questions asked, we’ll make sure you get there.’

    At a time when I can only describe as being absolutely helpless, not knowing what was happening with/to my daughter, my team that I work with, the company I for, is the absolute best there is! Actions truly do speak louder than words. Rosewood, Grunt, and BK201 were all outstanding, understanding, and the best. Grunt was, and is, a Marine. A Marine that was there for me in my time of need, there to shoot the shit about other aspects of our time on the project, accomplishing the task of getting my mind off of being helpless. Rosewood and BK201 were there as well to get my mind off of things by having good laughs, and talking about just about everything under the sun. Hell, I think BK201 driving us back to the hotel from dinner, seeing all the sites of the city had an equal effect of getting my mind off of things.

    When I did hear from my wife after seeing the doctors, I could relax knowing that our daughter had a case of croup, which was tightening her throat up. I emailed the manager of our team in the morning, letting her know of the situation from the previous night, and my eternal gratitude for the team and their shoulders. In her response, she had assured me of what I found out the previous night. FAMILY is priority, and if there is ever a situation like that in the future, there’s never a time limit on contacting anyone, if arrangements need to be made to get back home, or ears to listen to what needs to be said.

    If I didn’t have a second guessing on whether or not I was working for the right company, my experience while on this gig has certainly shown me that there is no second guess to be had, I AM working for the right company. Paychecks are great, but if you’re working for a company that doesn’t give a shit about your family, who the hell are you really working for?